Progress Report on ACS-Vasundhara, Meghana & Shalini Towers
Updated on March 2008

Dear Flat owners,

Please find the latest update on Shalini & Meghana Towers enclosed:
Photos - Shalini Tower - March 2008
Photos - Meghana Tower - March 2008

1) Status of Civil Works (Shalini Towers)

April 2007: The first coat of internal painting has reached the up to the 12th floor.  We request residents who wish to begin their interior works to begin the process.  Interior designers and Carpenters can take measurements of your flat and flat owners can select designs and get quotations from agencies for the same.

January 2007: While there is considerable progress on the outside, internally, the basic electrical and plumbing works are complete and the tiling works in the bathrooms and floors is also complete up to the 12th floor.

Photos - Shalini Tower
Shalini as on November 2007
Shalini as on August 2007 Shalini as on June 2007 Shalini as on April 2007
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2) Status of Civil Works (Meghana Towers)

April 2007:  Internal walls, Electrical and Plumbing works up to 3rd floor are complete.  We intend to fix the doors, do the flooring and lock the first three floors shortly.  About 80% of the external development is also complete (Podium Level, Pool, Staircases, Driveways, etc).

January 2007: Progress on Meghana Towers is also on; The Third floor slab is complete and internal walls are complete up to the 2nd floor. 

Photos - Meghana Tower
Meghana as on November 2007
Meghana as on August 2007 Meghana as on June 2007 Meghana as on April 2007
Click here to view the Meghana external development

3) Status of Permissions

April 2007:  The BMP has taken a considerable amount of time to process the Meghana Tower clearance (4th to 18th floors).  After three rounds of inspection and an unreasonably long wait, the Commissioner has finally signed our project papers.  We hope to receive the sanction plan shortly.  We will pass on the sanction plan to the banks and customers for necessary action.  There will be a modification in the payment schedule, which will coincide with the construction.  This will be communicated to you in due shortly.  We are also waiting for MFAR Constructions to give us their schedule for Meghana Towers.  We will inform you of the same.  There has been a four-month delay in receiving our sanction plan.  We expect a similar adjustment in our schedules.

January 2007: The much-awaited Environmental Clearance from Delhi was granted in December 2006.  The application for the sanction plan was lodged with the BMP soon after. The BMP authorities have finished two rounds of inspection to ensure there are no violations.  Currently, we are waiting for the authorities to process the plan.  In the meantime, the external civil works are being done.

Customizations: We request Meghana Customers to inform us of internal changes required at the earliest so we can get the same approved by the architects, the electrical & plumbing consultants.  We request you not to delay decisions from your end, as it will affect the progress.  Given the circumstances, we may not be in a position to accommodate requests for alterations after the 15th of May 2007 for all floors.

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